MAY 21, 2021


The Bay Area is mainly divided into five areas: San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay, East Bay and North Bay. Among them, Silicon Valley, which is an important technology town, is located in the South Bay, but there are many companies and different life circles in other areas. If you have just moved to Northern California, or are considering buying a home, getting married and having children, picking the best city to support your family is really important. The most suitable suburbs for families in the Bay Area, the reference factors include local school selection, safety and security, economic burden, whether there are convenient family facilities nearby, etc. It is very worthy of reference for those who are still choosing a city to live in.


West Menlo Park Niche score

  • Location: Peninsula
  • Population: 4,116
  • Median home price: $2,000,000
  • Median rent: $3,055
  • Median household income: $197,222 West Menlo ParkCommunity West Menlo Park is located west of Menlo Park, where Facebook is headquartered, in San Mateo County, one of San Jose's neighboring suburbs. There are many restaurants, cafes and parks here, and it is not far from Palo Alto, where Stanford University is located. The location and life functions are quite convenient. The scores of public schools in this area are very good, including Menlo-Atherton High School with A+, of which Atherton is the most expensive city in Northern California. Of course, the public security is so good. There are also public secondary schools like La Entrada and Hillview, and primary schools like Las Lomitas and Oak Knoll. This is a more crowded neighborhood, with residents close to each other, and housing prices are much cheaper than Central Menlo and even the average Menlo Park house, but they are also smaller, generally occupying about 6,000 square feet. His school, however, is on par with more expensive neighborhoods; and residents have more convenient living functions and are closer to shops.

Albany Niche score

  • Location: East Bay
  • Population: 19,758
  • Median home price: $812,800
  • Median rent: $1,791
  • Median household income: $88,655 Albany Community Albany is a suburb of Oakland on the East Bay, close to the bay, halfway between Berkeley and El Cerrito. It belongs to Alameda County, with a population of 19,758, making it one of the most livable cities in California. Combining the liveliness and convenience of the city with the spaciousness and comfort of the suburbs, many families and young office workers live here, and there are quite a few public school options. Both high school and elementary schools have full A+ choices, namely Albany High School, Albany Middle School and Marin Elementary School. Living here can overlook the landscape of San Francisco, and at the same time, you can go to the neighboring Berkeley to eat and shop, and it only takes a short walk to cross the Bay Bridge to enter the city of San Francisco.

Monte Sereno Niche score

  • Location: South Bay
  • Population: 3,492
  • Median home price: $2,000,000
  • Median rent: $2,375
  • Median Household Income: $250,001 Monte SerenoCommunity Monte Sereno is a South Bay suburb of San Jose, located in Santa Clara County, between Los Gatos and Saratoga, a city with a population of 3,492, the county's least populous. This area is mainly residential, but there are also many restaurants and cafes nearby, so it is very convenient to drive out. The public schools in this area are also very well rated, with full marks Saratoga High School and Los Gatos High School, and Redwood Middle School, as well as Foothill and Saratoga Elementary Schools are also good choices for children to go to school in the future.

Los Altos Hills Niche score

  • Location: South Bay
  • Population: 8,517
  • Median home price: $2,000,000
  • Median rent: $2,460
  • Median household income: $250,001 The Los Altos Hills Neighborhood fourth most family-friendly city is Los Altos Hills, a suburb of San Jose in the South Bay. The location near the hillside is a quiet residential area, not far from Los Altos and Mountain View. Function is also very convenient. With a population of 8,517, it has a number of perfect schools, including Henry M. Gunn High School, Los Altos High School, Mountain View High School, Fletcher Middle School, and Lucille M. Nixon Elementary School. Los Altos Hills itself does not have any commercial or industrial traces. It is a purely residential town with only a small amount of agriculture (Residential-Agricultural Community). This is why she attracts the wealthy Americans to pay: quiet, leisurely and beautiful. The beauty of Los Altos Hills may come from strict building regulations and land planning. Moreover, because the location is close to the mountains, some of them belong to nature reserves, and the plot has relatively severe construction terrain, resulting in a unique residential house type in Los Artuxil, without mass-produced suites and independent houses. Of course, this is also one of the characteristics of housing for the wealthy in the United States: customization and personalization.

Piedmont Niche score

  • Location: East Bay
  • Population: 11,308
  • Median home price: $1,844,000
  • Median rent: $3,161
  • Median household income: $210,889 Piedmont Community Piedmont is located near Oakland in the East Bay and is a relatively hilly area in Oakland. Although the law and order in Auckland is relatively chaotic, the law and order in Piedmont and the school district are very good in comparison, and there is a very comfortable high-end shopping neighborhood Rockridge nearby. It belongs to Alameda County and is not too far from downtown San Francisco. It is a very livable city in California. With a population of 11,308, schools with perfect scores include Piedmont High School, Piedmont Middle School, Beach Elementary School, and Wildwood Elementary School. In 2013, the high school API was as high as 908. Among them, Asian students scored as high as 948. The proportion of them going to college every year is very high. One of the best school districts in California.

Palo Alto Niche Score

  • Location: Peninsula
  • Population: 67,019
  • Median home price: $2,000,000
  • Median rent: $2,471
  • Median Household Income: $157,120 Palo Alto Community Palo Alto is located on the peninsula of Northern California's Bay Area and has a population of 67,019, making it one of the most livable cities in California. Palo Alto has great security, and life functions are very convenient. The Palo Alto school district is very high-quality and has been rated as the best school district in California for many years. Both the public education system and the private education system are excellent. The world-renowned Stanford University (Stanford University) is located here, and has cultivated many high-tech product leaders for Silicon Valley. It is the university that produces the most billionaires in the United States. There are many schools in Palo Alto with perfect scores. The best high schools include Henry M. Gunn High School, Palo Alto High School, Los Altos High School, Monta Vista High School, etc. NBA Asian American player Jeremy Lin also graduated from Palo Alto High School, as well as the star university Stanford University, is definitely very family-friendly. As a city with a higher education level and household income per capita in the United States, Palo Alto is loved by Chinese elite families. In places where there are many Chinese, it is hoped that Chinese families who have moved here can quickly integrate into the local life.

Introduction to Palo Alto


Mountain View Niche score

  • Location: South Bay
  • Population: 80,993
  • Median home price: $1,214,800
  • Median rent: $2,314
  • Median household income: $128,252

Mountain View has a typical Mediterranean climate in the San Francisco Bay Area, with sunny, cool and dry summers, warm and humid winters, moderate temperatures and rainfall in spring and autumn, and plenty of sunshine all year round, making it a very livable city. Mountain ViewCommunity Mountain View is home to Google's headquarters and is home to many of the world's top 1000 companies. Mountain View is the heart of Silicon Valley, with easy access north to places like San Francisco or the Peninsula and south to places like San Jose. With a population of about 80,000 people, Castro Street in the city center is lined with restaurants, and there are also very popular dessert shops such as Alexander Patisserie and Maison Alyzée, which are very family-friendly. High schools here include Los Altos High School, Mountain View High School, and Homestead High School.

Mountain View city profile


San Ramon Niche score

  • Location: East Bay
  • Population: 75,384
  • Median home price: $919,700
  • Median rent: $2,282
  • Median household income: $151,026

San Ramon is located on the north side of the East Bay and bordered by Dublin and Pleasanton in the south, where there is a convenient BART rapid transit system to San Francisco, Oakland, and Fremont to the south. Just north of San Ramon is Danville, a lush year-round lush city full of mansions. Beautiful environment, Sangu scenery, green park, birds and flowers. It is very popular among Chinese families and new immigrants. San Ramon Neighborhood East Bay San Ramon is located in Contra Costa County, with a population of 75,384. It is a well-known high-end residential area in the Northern California Bay Area, and the law and order is also quite good. The top high schools in this area include Dougherty Valley High School, Monte Vista High School, and California High School. It is not too far from several East Bay cities and is one of the first choice cities in the East Bay for family life. It is worth mentioning that the public security of San Ramon is also very good. Its high income and high-quality residents are the most important factors for the good school district and public security in this city. In September 2018, WalletHub, a national consumer and personal finance agency, ranked San Ramon as the Bay Area's "best place to raise a family" and the second-best place among all California cities for families looking to put down roots place. If you want to go to the school district with the highest score, but the housing price is relatively cheap, San Ramon is one of the most cost-effective cities in the Bay Area. She's a newer city, and it's remote and has a disadvantage to Silicon Valley or San Francisco compared to other cities.

Introduction to the city of San Ramon


Pleasanton Niche score

  • Location: East Bay
  • Population: 80,847
  • Median home price: $933,500
  • Median rent: $2,251
  • Median household income: $148,852 Pleasanton Community Pleasanton is located in the East Bay and belongs to Alameda County with a population of 80,847 people. Pleasanton is one of the most famous cities in the East Bay, ranking first in Northern California with its rapid technological and economic development and high population quality Mao, once rated as the most livable city by CNN, ranked 63rd, and Fortune magazine Forbes selected it as a "good hometown in the country". Pleasanton has developed transportation, quiet and beautiful communities, and good quality schools, but the housing price is cheaper than the South Bay, and the price is high. The average house price is $933,500. Pleasanton has the best public schools in California and the Bay Area. High schools with full marks include Amador Valley High School, Foothill High School, and Dublin High School in the neighboring city of Dublin. Among them, Amador Valley High School had an API score of 897 in 2013 and an Asian score of 954. Foothill High School's API score in 2013 was 871. Although Asians accounted for less than one-third, the API was as high as 934.

Pleasanton city profile


San Anselmo Niche score

  • Location: North Bay
  • Population: 12,567
  • Median home price: $1,039,000
  • Median rent: $1,798
  • Median household income: $125,189 San AnselmoCommunity San Anselmo is located in North Bay Marin County, a quiet and safe area with a population of 12,567. High schools with full marks include Redwood High School, Tamalpais High School, Sir Francis Drake High School, Tamiscal High, etc. San Anselmo is located not far from major cities on Highway 101 and is a relatively quiet residential area close to Mt. Tamalpais. Life functions are also very convenient. If you want to commute into downtown San Francisco, it only takes about half an hour by car. It is a very good choice for family life.